ENTREPRENEURSHIP is, by far, the most important subject in determining your children's future success!
ENTREPRENEURSHIP is, by far, the most important subject in determining your children's future success!
There's no better time to get them started....than today!
Which One Do You Want Your Kids On?
 Wage Slavery
 Capped Income
 Following Orders
 Suits and Skirts
Expensive Credentials Needed
 Favoritism, Butt-Kissing, Office Politics
 Active Income
 Loss of Family Time
 Crippling College Debt
 Working for Weekend
Entrepreneur Track
Entrepreneur Track
Unlimited Earning Potential
 Following Passions
Pajamas and Yoga Pants
No Credentials Whatsoever
 Passive Income
Tons of Family Time
 Banking Money
I know.  It's a stupid question.  We'd all love for our kids to enjoy the superior lifestyle of successful entrepreneurs like billionaires Mark Cuban, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs.

And even if you think your children might be well-suited to thrive in the realm of free enterprise...

You probably have no idea how to cultivate or educate the required skills in them.

This is precisely why I designed and launched this course, for parents just like you.

But before I get into the details of the Entrepreneurship Course, I want to tell you the backstory of how I became so passionate about kids learning entrepreneurship.

I grew up in an economic wasteland.  No, not the Soviet Union.  LOL.  But Central Massachusetts in the 1980s.

As a teenager, the only work options I had were McDonalds for $3.15 an hour or a paper route for even less that.  There were simply no opportunities to hustle for a buck.  You couldn't even mow lawns because no one had the money to pay kids, never mind landscapers.

Moving to Philadelphia for college (UPenn) in 1992 was an eye-opening experience for me.  Suddenly I had job opportunities galore at north of $5 per hour and even higher!

Though more importantly, I met some truly amazing kids who were light-years ahead of me.  While I had spent my entire youth on school, sports, and television (all dead ends!)....

Some of these kids, arrived at college with side businesses of their own already.  I was shocked to meet 18 year-old classmates who read the Wall Street Journal.  Others were trading stocks.  There was even one kid I met who launched a massive textbook business right on campus - competing directly with the University Bookstore.  
There was also another precocious student there who is now one of the most highly respected, and wealthiest entrepreneurs on the planet.  Perhaps you've heard of him?
Yes.  Elon Musk was at UPenn at the same time as me.  But even though we were classmates and theoretically peers, I was unknowingly mired on the Job Track and he was accelerating ahead on the Entrepreneur Track.

Before he sold his web software company in 1999 for $341 million, before he helped found PayPal (sold for $1.5 billion), before he revolutionized rocket science with SpaceX, before he built the second largest solar power company in America (SolarCity), and before he created the world's hottest car company in Tesla Motors...

Elon was partying with me at Penn.  Well, sort of.

Apparently Elon, instead of doing what the rest of the student body was doing and renting a single dorm room or getting a roommate...

He rented an entire big house just off campus.  Why?

So he could throw massive keg parties and use the proceeds to help pay his tuition!

Without a doubt, I had to have handed Elon or his front-door bouncers a five-dollar bill for a plastic cup entitled to all-you-can-drink, piss-warm, Meister Brau or Busch beer.

So in some small way, I guess I can brag that I was an early investor in PayPal and Tesla, right?
Going to an Ivy League college in Philadelphia exposed to me to greater opportunities and a few of these amazing kids...

I went from being completely ignorant of entrepreneurship to at least discovering that it existed.

Unfortunately, at the time I didn't take these kids' examples seriously enough.

didn't grasp how superior of a career and lifestyle entrepreneurship offered.

I had no idea that it was a path very much available to me.

Although even if I had ambitions on this front....I wouldn't know how to get started.

Again, as I tried to highlight at the top of this page, the Job Track doesn't run parallel to the Entrepreneur Track.  They diverge greatly.

By the time most of us realize we are on the inferior path, it's almost impossible to switch to the Entrepreneur Track.  We have veered too far off and wasted too much time.

Late in life, we've now got bills to pay, family responsibilities, scant free time, little risk tolerance, and calcified habits of thinking and doing (and NOT doing) that are seemingly hopeless to overcome.

What we needed back then and what our kids need today, is an early start on the Entrepreneurial Track.
Give 'Em Wings
It turns out, almost all successful entrepreneurs have started very early.  It wasn't just the few ambitious kids I came across at college.

Bill Gates started reading business magazines while in middle school - so when he acquired his technical expertise on the computer he knew exactly how to monetize it.

Mark Cuban got his start peddling trash bags throughout his neighborhood when he was 12.

Tim Ferriss, one of the most respected icons in Silicon Valley, started reading marketing books and studying the art of writing sales letters when he was 15.

Daymond John, of Shark Tank fame, was selling customized pencils, to the prettiest girls in his class, in first grade.

Ingvar Kamprad founded IKEA when he was only 17 years old.  He had been hustling since he was 5 and selling matches door-to-door.

Richard Branson, the billionaire founder of the Virgin Group, was breeding parakeets for sale when he was only 11.

Sara Blakely, the billionaire founder of Spanx, was selling cute socks to her classmates at age 7.  As a teenager she started a childcare business on the beach and listened to Wayne Dyer's motivational tapes constantly.

Michael Dell was not only disassembling computers as a teenager....he also created a sophisticated way to sell newspaper subscriptions to the The Houston Post which netted him $18,000 in one year - more than his high school economics teacher's salary!

What about Warren Buffett?  He padded his fortune with an additional $12 billion in 2016 and is back on his perch as the second-richest person on Earth.  Behold the image below:

People saw this graphic online and were commenting, "Look how much he made over the last years of his life....so that proves that it's never too late to start."

But that interpretation is completely WRONG.

That graph proves how important it is to start early.

Warren had amassed $5,000 by the age of 14.  Note that was way back in 1944.

If you convert that to today's currency....Warren essentially had $67,967 as an eighth-grader!

And by the time he graduated high school, Warren had tried a whopping 20 different business ventures already.
I know, it's easy and convenient to dismiss the outrageous success of all these "unicorns".  It's easy to look at their accelerated pursuits and say, "Obviously they were born with some special entrepreneurial DNA."

And that, I have to admit, was my reflexive explanation for quite a while too.

But I've done a ton of research.  And I keep meeting more and more, lesser-known if not anonymous entrepreneurs who have similar "early start" pedigrees.
Just to give you one example, last year I met a young lady named Brittany Lynch at a marketing conference. She was speaking on stage and announced that she was making between $300,000 and $500,000 from her online affiliate marketing businesses....PER MONTH.

Brittany was only 28 too. She is not a celebrity nor does she have any social media following. She was operating totally under the radar. So what's her story?

When she was 15, she started reading the marketing newsletter her father subscribed to. That's it! 

(BTW, I subscribe to that newsletter now myself, a $60 per month investment that is not only terrific, it alone has changed the course of my life!)

These people, these 'youngsters' that are downright crushing it are everywhere nowadays.  However, because they fly so far under the radar, they remain invisible to the vast majority and cannot inspire your kids.

But the good, exciting news is...

I've learned that the systematic steps they've taken to amass wealth and create enviable lifestyles are not complicated in the slightest, nor do they have any minimum age barriers.

But somehow, us parents are going to have to nudge our children in the right direction...

Entrepreneurship Course Overview
My weekly online course is designed to give your kids precisely the early exposure to entrepreneurship they need.  So far there are 60-minute modules they can start right now covering:
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship 
  •  Earning Money on YouTube
  •  Intro to Stock Market
  •  Intro to Selling Online
  •  Affiliate Marketing
  •  Real Estate
  •  Commodity Markets 
  •  Borrowing and Debt
  •  Currencies
  •  Saving and Investing
  •  Technology
  •  Podcasting
  •  Bankruptcy
  •  Black Markets
Students get instant access to the class membership portal which contains all the instructional videos, complementary HW, downloadable slides, and links to resources.

Upcoming Classes in 2017
  •  Website Building
  •  Writing for Profit 
  •  Mergers and Acquisistions
  •  Health and Medical Industries
  •  Cellphone Markets
  •  Online Education
  •  Industry Disruption
  •  Graphic Design
  •  Agricultural Markets
  •  Insurance and Hedging Risk
  •  Restaurant Industry
  •  Social Media Riches
  •  Direct Mail 
  •  Hollywood Movie Industry
  •  Auto Industry
  •  Business of Professional Sports 
  •  Importing/Exporting
  •  Selling Face-to-Face 
  •  Trading Stocks
  •  Brokers and Middlemen
  •  Music Industry
  •  Public Speaking
  •  Affiliate Marketing (Advanced)
  •  Tourism Industry
What's in the Video Lessons?
  • Each module is centered around a particular business or industry.  We trace its economic history right up to present day.
  • We discuss famous entrepreneurs within it such as the titans mentioned above and so many more.  
  • We break down their business models. Together we analyze their philosophies, their wins AND losses, and importantly, their bumpy paths to success.
  • But we also study a lot of lesser known entrepreneurs.
  • I highlight fascinating smaller businesses, both online and offline, and most definitely other world-beating kids who are grinding for dough. (This is the most popular part of modules!)
  • I recommend books, tools, websites, and specific plans of action.
  • I actually hand-deliver kids opportunities to make money.
  • Throughout I'm incessantly touting hustle, goal setting, risk-taking, creativity, and self-motivation. My over-arching objective is to condition students' minds to think proactively, more aggressively, and to see the larger world as abundant and filled with opportunity.
What's in the Video Lessons?
  • Each module is centered around a particular business or industry.  We trace its economic history right up to present day.
  • We discuss famous entrepreneurs within it such as the titans mentioned above and so many more.  
  • We break down their business models. Together we analyze their philosophies, their wins AND losses, and importantly, their bumpy paths to success.
  • But we also study a lot of lesser known entrepreneurs.
  • I highlight fascinating smaller businesses, both online and offline, and most definitely other world-beating kids who are grinding for dough. (This is the most popular part of modules!)
  • I recommend books, tools, websites, and specific plans of action.
  • I actually hand-deliver kids opportunities to make money.
  • Throughout I'm incessantly touting hustle, goal setting, risk-taking, creativity, and self-motivation. My over-arching objective is to condition students' minds to think proactively, more aggressively, and to see the larger world as abundant and filled with opportunity.
Here's What Students are Saying!
Here’s What Students Are Saying:
I want to reiterate that:

Entrepreneurship is the only subject that is laced with EXPONENTIAL POTENTIAL
Entrepreneurship is the only subject that is laced with EXPONENTIAL POTENTIAL!
All it takes is one idea, one whiff of inspiration, one anecdote, a single tactic, or one new social connection to alter the entire trajectory of your child's life.

Your child could theoretically snooze through 95% of my modules.  They could skip half of them entirely.  They could never do any of the pre-class homework...

Despite all that, they should easily learn one concept or become struck by an idea that lights them up like Times Square and gets them started on the Entrepreneur Track.

As you well know, snoozing through 95% of a math course or english, history, or science course would be a total waste of time, inflict a lot of stress, and can't pay off anything like an early exposure to the world of entrepreneurship. In other words no one's life was ever altered by textbook math word problems, diagramming a sentence, or by memorizing the names for the parts of a cell!

Yeah, the ROI, the "return on investment" from all the effort devoted to academics is at best incremental - after all, it's training for the Job Track.

But think of the upside if your child takes to entrepreneurship early...

Imagine them knocking the cover off the ball.

Imagine them fired up everyday of their life like a Steve Jobs and chasing their passions.

Imagine them spending their entire lives doing meaningful work for themselves.

Whether your child is brilliant or struggling in school...

Whether they are bored, shy, hyperactive, stubborn, angry, or rebellious...

They might very well become the next world-beating entrepreneur.
That's a powerful quote by Jobs.  We all think he's a genius BUT he's telling us he is no more intelligent than we are. 

You see....we can't have it both ways.  We can't exalt him as a genius and then disregard what he just said!

Jobs, of course, attributes success all to passion and hard work - something all humans are capable of.

To that I would add in....an early start.

Let's make sure your kids don't realize they HAD infinite potential when they are 35, 40, or older when it's way too late!

The Job Track is LACED With Risk
Let's make sure your kids at least have a chance of not punching a clock, slaving for "the man", a chance of not spending a huge proportion of their life stuck in rush-hour traffic, riding commuter trains and subways, mired in cubicles...

A life of job stress, ulcers, sitting-all-day, carpal tunnel syndrome...

Let's make sure they don't spend their entire lifetimes grumbling that everything is too expensive!

Understand that everyone and everything in this world is pushing your kids onto the inferior Job Track.

The 9-5, work-for-a-big-company, work-for-the weekend mentality is embedded throughout our culture.

The mass media...

Our institutions, especially obedience-obsessed schools...

Our friends and family members...and definitely our kids' friends...

They are all conspiring to limit your child's life options.

Your sons and daughters might grow up thinking all they can be is a rock star, a pro athlete, a cop, lawyer, or a teacher.

They might be conditioned to think that if they simply do their school work well that the world will open its doors and roll out a red carpet for them.

We all know by now, that's a lie.  We know that A students end up working for C students, if not for flunkies and dropouts!

I can tell you right now that even though I majored in Economics (and Math) at an Ivy League college....I didn't learn a single thing about real world business and entrepreneurship there.

I didn't learn a single thing about how to create meaningful work for myself, how to help others with a service or product, or how to earn significant, sustainable income. 

BTW, tuition w/ room, board, and fees at UPenn today is:
$63,526 x 4 years =
Without a doubt, that price will continue to rise.
AND, of course, that's the price per kid!

I don't understand why more parents aren't stepping back and taking a hard, objective look at the "endgame" of education.

At a bare minimum, parents should have a back-up plan already in motion...
The Economy is More Competitive Than Ever
Most parents today complain that classrooms are too cutthroat, that youth sports have become too intense, that science fairs are too over-the-top....

Parents resent all the pressure around standardized tests - especially the pressure to hire expensive tutors!

Sadly, this is only the beginning.

Out in the real world, i.e. the hyper-competitive global economy, your kids will face even stiffer competition.

They will be up against not only older and more experienced adults - just as we were - BUT today they will be competing with the hustling Chinese, Indians, and a billion other people who are hungry to work for $2/hour on this now-connected planet.  

Oh yeah, in many ways, just as the doomsayers in the media proclaim, they will also be competing against an army of drones and robots!

An early start on Entrepreneurship is a way, actually the only way, to sidestep all this competition and give your kids a major and lasting advantage in life.

Because even if your kids ultimately go to an expensive college and become credentialed professionals...

They will benefit tremendously and have a huge competitive edge in their field if they have an entrepreneurial background.

Well-compensated doctors still need to know how to effectively market themselves to prospective patients.

Successful accountants need to be able to spot and exploit new business opportunities.

Competent lawyers need to know how to harness technology, deliver great customer service, and how to generate referrals.
Invest in Your Kids Today!
You are going to spend a lot of money on your kids.  All of us parents do.

But 99.9% of parents spend 99.9% of it UNWISELY.

First of all, they spend it at the END of their kids' childhoods, i.e. college tuition, when it's not possible to drastically change their life trajectories.

Recently I was talking to a lawyer, a father of 4 young children....

I reminded him that he was on the hook for 4 college tuitions in about 15 years and the bill for them would total $1.2 million. 

And that would represent $1.2 million of net income.  He and his wife (though she wasn't working, yet) would have to generate $2 million of gross income just to buy those antiquated if not totally useless pieces of paper (college diplomas).

Not only was the best time to plant a tree 20 years ago...

It was also a much better time to buy stocks, bonds, real estate....artwork, precious metals, web domains, etc.

By no means am I saying that TODAY one should invest in stocks, bonds, real estate....artwork, precious metals, web domains, etc. - not unless prices drop precipitously.

I just want to steer you away from investing in the the missed opportunities of the past.

There was a time when collecting, saving, and preserving baseball cards was a savvy thing to do.  Of course, once everyone realized how valuable the cards had become....a whole mess of people started accumulating and preserving them in plastic.  So many people started that the gig was over.

The cards I accumulated way back in 1990 are actually worth significantly less today then they were 27 years ago!

College has always been expensive.  But now it's priced at gouging levels because demand has exploded as everyone has become convinced that it's an automatic and mandatory path to prosperity.

Did you know that colleges are the only "businesses" that can legally charge customers (you) more based solely on how much money you have?

Imagine you went to a restaurant and they said they were going to charge you triple the normal price for your meal....simply because you drove up in a BMW or were wearing nice clothes.

This is called PRICE DISCRIMINATION, a well-understood economic tactic to maximize profits.  Of course, I cover it in my videos.

If you have an able-bodied parent who is "at-home", the student loan companies will force them to get a Job.  I know one such mother who had to get a job bagging groceries so that she could qualify for a student loan (for her kid to just about flunk out of UMass, too).

If you have built up any home equity....they will even force you to extract it to help pay for college!
Okay, I want to stay focused on the cold hard numbers so that you see how insanely affordable and valuable my Entrepreneurship Course is. 

Take a look at the obscene image below:
Above you are looking at the #1 most popular ("assigned") economics college textbook.

As you can see, it sells for a staggering $386 !!!

The author is from Harvard and he is an unethical buffoon to boot.

How so you might ask?

Well he churns out "updated" copies of his book as fast as he can so students can't buy "used" copies on the cheap.  AND he has all sorts of "incentives" sent to professors who assign his $386 books to their students - which their parents pay for, naturally.

Even worse, you could read his book top-to-bottom 3 times and it won't help you understand anything about how you can create your own profitable business or in any way thrive in the economy!

Again, I've been in the Ivies....and there's really nothing there.  Harvard, Yale, and UPenn are nothing to be intimidated by and nothing to strive for - at least if one is interested in the superior Entrepreneur Track.
How Much Does the Entrepreneur Course Cost?
Right now, and before I raise it again, it will cost you only $4.50 per week.

So contrast one of my weekly modules at $4.50 with the nearly $200 that a single 60-minute college class on the Job Track will ultimately cost you.

The Entrepreneurship Course essentially costs NOTHING compared to everything else.  It's guaranteed to be a MONEY-SAVER and a MONEY MAKER for your family.

Are the Classes LIVE?
They are recorded on a LIVE webinar that some of the students attend to give the module a back-and-forth, conversational flow.  Any students are welcome to attend LIVE....they just have to let me know and I will be glad to add them to the webinars.  Right now the classes are mostly at 9am EST (GMT-5) on Thursdays.  Note - the vast majority of enrollees do not attend live but instead "binge" watch the recordings in the membership portal.
Who are the students in the class?
Not only do the ages span, but the kids are from all across America and now also in Europe.  Some are in schools.  Some are homeschooled.  Some have just graduated high school.  They age from 8-19. Actually, A LOT of parents follow along as well. And why wouldn't they? This is exciting and powerful stuff that I am covering!
What is the difficulty level of the material?
I skew the difficulty of the material up a little, of course.  So the younger kids are on the brighter and more ambitious side. 
Doesn't one have to be wired for entrepreneurship?
That's what I used to think.  But nope.  Anyone can be entrepreneurial.  There's no height requirement nor any age or ability requirement.  Success is purely a product of hustle and starting early.  That's it!
My Journey, Your Kids

From: Daniel Louzonis

Manhasset, New York, United States

BAs in Math and Economics,  University of Pennsylvania '95
Traded equity and index options on Philadelphia Stock Exchange 1995-2001.  Have traded stocks, options, futures, and commodities "upstairs" ever since.

Child Acceleration Specialist (coach/consultant).
Private tutor to math geniuses (of Tiger Moms!).
Homeschool Dad. 
Dear Mom and Dad,

Thank you for reading this far.  As you can see, I'm a real person, an actual parent, not some corporation....and I have a lot to say.

I hope both the length and persistence of my "sales pitch" adequately convey my burning passion for entrepreneurship. 

You see, I'm on this journey too.  Not only am I personally working hard to "reinvent" my career and expand my marketable skill set...

I'm also aggressively trying to turn my young children into entrepreneurs.

You may recall seeing the boy reading "DotCom Secrets" in a poorly Photoshopped image way atop this page.  That is my son John.  Let me tell you a little about him.

He has been extremely accelerated from Day 1.  John started algebra at age 5 and calculus by age 7!  I would tell you more details about what my wife and I did with him....but that's another long story (and another product!).

He has been designing websites, and getting paid, since he was 10.  Of course he's done most of the coding for this page you are reading and all of my other online content.  But he's also learned Photoshop and a good chunk of Adobe's Creative Cloud.  He has his own podcast on iTunes ("The Johncast") and also produces podcasts for paying clients.

My daughter Christine is only 10 but has already produced and sold her own cursive handwriting book....and she also publishes her own print newsletter.
My Journey, Your Kids
Watch This Short Video Now!
So I'm "all in" on learning, teaching, and implementing entrepreneurship. A large and integral part of this Entrepreneurship Course is me sharing my own journey.
In the learning modules, I pull the curtain back and show behind-the-scenes of my websites, my marketing campaigns, my affiliate links, my YouTube strategies, my podcast, etc.
John read that same famous marketing book ("The Ultimate Sales Letter") that Tim Ferriss read at age 15....when he was only 9!

John was excited to eventually meet the author, direct marketing "god" Dan Kennedy at a conference in 2016.

That's right I took my 11 year old to a 4-day marketing conference - actually two of them last year.

Like I said, I am "all-in" on this Entrepreneurship journey.
Join Us!

There is ZERO RISK...

If, within 30 days, you aren't satisfied with the Entrepreneurship Course for ANY REASON just send me an email and I'll gladly refund your money.  
100% Money Back Guarantee
That's only $4.50 per hour of fresh, new weekly content
  • If you want to go back to the Job Track, you can easily cancel at any time with a single email.
In case you jumped past it, CLICK HERE to see the Course Overview - which has all the details on the class, and the schedule for 2017.
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